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    Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Cracked Egg


    You can check out her fundraiser, and a bunch of others, on Twitter using #TransCrowdFund. S. Since no distress signal ever went out, it is possible the 25 people died one by one, by drowning or being eaten by sharks. Also, a mysterious woman was supposedly seen at the apartment a few days earlier -- who has not been identified to this day. After returning to health, Morgan refused to talk about the incident except to give clues that he'd been working secretly as an undercover agent for the Treasury Department (sure, dude). Note: There is no evidence or testimony that a rogue wave hit the boat that day. Another will die on January 12th if all goes right." Cosgrove-Meurer Productions Note: Nothing about this scenario is "right." Thankfully, it looks like all did not go right, because nobody was killed on January 12, as far as anyone is aware. He claimed that he couldn't speak, but that he could write, and he wrote his wife a bizarre message claiming that someone had painted his throat with a hallucinogenic drug. To this day it remains unsolved. We still don't know. On January 14th -- a week before the bodies were discovered -- the phone in the house of Patricia's classmate Sandra rang sometime around midnight. The ship had month’s worth of food and water, and nothing seemed out of place, except for the fact that there were no people on board. Things first started to lurch towards the creepy when police noticed that all his clothes' identification marks had been removed. The text looked like it was a scrap torn from a book.


    There are unsolved crimes, and then there are the kind of creepy, "What the hell could possibly be going on here" capers that keep the cops, and anyone who hears about them, up at night. Further, why the radio beacon that he had on board didn’t activate is another mystery. Obiech, Scott Laffey 978 6 Man-Made Things You Totally Thought Were 'Natural' By: Ivan Farkas, Ryan Menezes 1,689,626 views The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (11/24) By: Ted E., T. Or find out what happened to the pride of some of the world's greatest badasses, in 5 Movie Martial Artists That Lost a Deathmatch to Dignity. If unsolved mysteries are good enough for Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, then by golly, they're good enough for us. Can you solve it? If so, you're about to be famous, considering people have been trying for more than 60 years. Then, on the 15th -- a point when most people still assumed the girls had run off to party in Nashville -- the cops got a call from an anonymous person claiming he had a revelation in a dream that the girls were dead, and could be found in Santa Fe park. That's why around Halloween, we like to focus on the real shit. It must have been one hell of a fall, because he'd also been tied up, beaten, strangled, and stabbed. No, this time of year, you need the real shit. 695846ea4d

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